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The Designer

Kate Perry is the designer behind the R C / K P label. She brings an understated sophistication to street and active wear for women.
Today Kate designs from her rambling homestead outside of Brisbane. Her inspiration is drawn from her travels, landscapes, experiences, and influential women in her life.
Kate was raised in Melbourne, into a creative haven where her mother was always sewing and printing, while her photographer father was shooting ad campaigns.
Both parents controlled their own ventures and creative pursuits. What they taught Kate was if she works on something she loves doing she’ll never have to work a day in her life. And she could make it with her own hands and creative mind with no glass ceiling to stop her.
So years later, when Kate was studying a graphic design degree at university, she won a design award to work with internationally-acclaimed artist Damian Hirst. She packed up her creative talents and boarded a plane for London.
On return to Australia, Kate realised that combining illustration and fashion design was her future. She spent time in her mother’s clothing stores – including Tzusk – seeing firsthand what customers wanted, how they shopped, what they bought, what they would change, their likes, dislikes, and how to engage with them.
Kate started working with consumers directly – styling them, working with colour, shapes and fabrics. And they both loved it. It was invaluable experience for Kate. 
From this point on she started developing her own ideas and illustrations. Following the creation of kids’ label Red Chalk, her womens’ label RC/KP was born.